Thursday, February 18, 2010

RobinViz Beta released

Things are going well and I've finished my first semester of my Masters. All of my grades are great and I'm just starting the second semester. On the other hand, I'm working on our project. When I joined the project in September 2009, one last step was missing. That was the Horizontal Coordinate Assignment Problem in Layered Graph Drawings. I've implemented Fast and Simple Horizontal Coordinate Assignment paper of Brandes et. al and we submitted our paper to International Symposium in Biocomputing (ISB 2010) in Calicut, India. Our paper was accepted and after that we decided to improve the GUI of our implementation. We developed a brand new GUI with PyQt4 and used the C++ code behind the scene to do the most of the scientific calculations. We published this novel software, RobinViz Beta version on

With RobinViz, you can visualize PPI Networks and Gene Ontology as biclustered graphs. In these graphs, reliability of interactions are expressed with the thickness of the edges, h-value of the biclusters are expressed as node width etc. So the most important part of the data comes in front. I hope it shall be useful for all the scientists working on this subject.

This semester I'll be taking Algorithms, Data Mining and Advanced Java courses. I hope I'll learn a lot from them. By the way, while our professor presented our paper at the conference, I gave Introduction to Java tutorial lectures in his classes. That was also a nice experience.