Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spring term finished

The spring term has finished. Courses were pretty time-consuming this semester so I could not focus o n our research as I did last semester. Grades are not available yet but I expect them to be satisfying. I've taken Data Mining, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Software Engineering courses.

In the data mining project, I worked on Yeast localization of proteins database and did classification&clustering analysis.

In the Software Engineering project, as I told before, I've developed a bus-timetable program JIstanbul which has both mobile and desktop versions with J2SE+Swing and J2ME. My project was selected as the best in the class. Currently, in the mobile version, the program can detect the day and fetch the timetable for that day. In the future, I'm planning to add storing time information, closest bus time, frequently used buses features.

Now I have 1 course and masters-thesis left for the next year. I'll be focusing on Robinviz in these summer days.