Sunday, April 4, 2010

RobinViz Paper and School Projects

After releasing RobinViz, I focused on my school projects. I've written a Turkish Flag drawer, Conway's Game of Life and Julia Set Fractals drawer in Java and presented the latter one in the Software Engineering class.

Currently I'm developing an Optimal Binary Search Tree implementation in Python as part of my Algorithms class. I've registered for a github account and I put all my codes there.
On the other hand, I'm working on some edge bundling stuff nowadays as part of my academic work. It's really nice but complicated. I hope I can come by a good solution to our problems in our mind.

I think I'll be fixing some problems of Robinviz in the following months. Our published paper (An integrated model for visualizing biclusters from gene expression data and PPI networks) can be found here.

As part of my Software Engineering project, I'm planning to develop a J2ME application to fetch bus timetables from the Internet and display the closest bus times for you to find the best route without waiting your bus.