Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freemind Latex Plugin Installation

If you want to display latex formulas on your Freemind mindmap, here are the instructions:

  1. Find your freemind dir (/usr/share/freemind)
  2. sudo mkdir /usr/share/freemind/plugins/latexmath
  3. Checkout/Download https://github.com/Alxa/LaTeXMath-Freemind-Plugin/
  4. Read: https://github.com/Alxa/LaTeXMath-Freemind-Plugin/blob/master/INSTALL
  5. sudo cp fm-plugin-latexmath/src/main/resources/LaTeXMath.xml /usr/share/freemind/plugins/
  6. sudo apt-get install maven2; cd fm-plugin-latexmath; mvn package
  7. See and copy jar file in target folder. sudo cp fm-plugin-latexmath-* /usr/share/freemind/plugins/latexmath/
  8. sudo cp ~/.m2/repository/net/sf/alxa/jlatexmath/0.9.3-SNAPSHOT/*jar /usr/share/freemind/plugins/latexmath/jlatexmath.jar

Start freemind and you'll see Insert->Latex Equation option.

Note that this does not insert the equation into the branch, but inserts below it and it's a little large.Sample below: