Friday, August 8, 2008

Les Miserables

I've just finished the book Les Miserables from Victor Hugo. Yeah, it's pretty late for me, for a 21-old boy(or should I say man)! In my childhood, this novel was tought to be tough for children, so hard to read. I even remember my mother saying "Look at her! She even read the Les Miserables" for somebody whom I don't remember. Maybe I was really too young and told my subconscious even not to attempt to read that book or forgot about it later.

By the way, it was pretty easy to read it now. Because it was the Penguin simplified edition(3000-words Advanced) which I had bought in High School by mistake. I just had misunderstood which reading books we had to buy and bought the ones for the English Language class, who study English in detail. So I did not attempt to read them, until now. Getting prerpared for the TOEFL exam, I see that I have weakness of speaking and vocabulary. So I tought this book could help some. Yes, I learned more than 20 words.

The book is very beautiful, indeed I think the writer has some sadistic side because I felt really bad in the first 4 chapters(how can people be so cruel!). But afterwards, it tended to make me so curious abot what would be the next pages that I read it too fast. As a result, I probably missed a lot of words to learn. I recommend this book to be read!

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Zanooba (Zeinab sab9n) said...

I'm glad 2 know that u read "Les Misrables" 4 victor Hugo it's a great book and he's a great author ...I've read the book last year and it's just awesome ...i've entered a play which was taken from "Les Misrables" in Arabic called (Al bo'asaa') it was great 2...i wish u best luck isa in ur TOEFL exams