Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Uploading on sourceforge

Today, we're trying to publish our project Robinviz. It'll be a 1.0-beta version seperately for windows/linux source/binary. Binary files are around 400MB so it's a bit hard to upload it. Google Code -which we use for project management- limits the maximum file size for uploads. So we had to switch to sourceforge. But uploading on http was still a problem. So I found this solution: Rsync over SSH

At first, I found it hard to understand the URL format but then understood and wanted to share it with you. With the following command, I was able to send my 400MB file with resume support:

rsync -avP -e ssh robinviz-1.0-beta-linux-binary.tar.gz aladagemre,robinviz@frs.sourceforge.net:/home/frs/project/r/ro/robinviz/linux-1.0-beta

robinviz-1.0-beta-linux-binary.tar.gz: filename
aladagemre: username on sourceforge
robinviz: project name
/r/ro/robinviz: the first letter, the first two letters and all letters of the project joined by /
linux-1.0-beta: the folder I'd like to put my file in.

Hope it's useful.

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