Sunday, August 26, 2012

Installing sun-jdk 1.7 on Linux Mint

Finding how to install it was very confusing as there was no sun-jdk in the package manager. Here are the manual instructions:

  1. Download jdk-7u6-linux-x64.tar.gz from the Oracle-Sun java web site.
  2. Extract it
  3. It's ~/Downloads/jdk.1.7.0_06 now.
  4. sudo mv ~/Downloads/jdk.1.7.0_06 /usr/lib/jdk.1.7.0_06
  5. sudo ln -s -v /usr/lib/jdk.1.7.0_06/bin/java /usr/bin/java
  6. sudo ln -s -v /usr/lib/jdk.1.7.0_06/bin/javac /usr/bin/javac
That's it!

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