Friday, July 25, 2008

BOLO and Python

We worked on BOLO for some time but we found it very complex. The code is unnecessarily too much (less code could achieve the same functionality). One manager for each POJO is defined although those manager methods could be defined in POJOs. So, crawling in the code is a funny(!) way of spending time for us (me and Melih). We tried to implement the search by status functionality but got stuck at the enumarator types for the Status class properties. Showing them on JSF and selecting them is a problem. Then we tried to add a timestamp on the CVs uploaded. But finding the code where the file is uploaded, where the filepath is inserted into the database were the problem in that case. Moreover, the service had been giving "Out of memory" errors after 10 minutes of run.

Getting bored from all these stuff, I tried to write the model in Python/Django. It was a good try. I found a model to UML Diagram script and generated a database model diagram. Showing the diagram, Melih was impressed by the easiness and practicality. Then he wanted me to show my work to the team leader and I showed what I did:
But he did not welcome my work as much as I expected: "Good, but when your internship ends, there's nobody to maintain it here. I don't want my staff to learn Python for such a thing. Because nobody uses Python". I didn't know what to fell sorry for. For my effort, or the misknowledge for Python. Nevermind, I'm spending my time with some trying on that BOLO stuff, and some with fixing some errors in my Python projects.

By the way, some colleagues wanted me to give a talk about Python and how it is used. I'm going to get prepared for it and give a brief presentation called "Python for Java Geeks". So, first of all, I have to find some resources on the differences between Java and Python so that making it easier to understand, I can go faster. Maybe in 3 hours, instead of 8 hours that I had given at school for programming newbies.

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