Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First days in the Alcatel-Lucent Internship

Hello everybody, now I decided to write here about my internship journeys. I won’t be able to write all the details of my previous days but I’ll give you some summary. First of all, I normally write on my personal web site in Turkish and I had my first internship as a Network intern in Tellcom, a telecommunication company and now I’m in Alcatel-Lucent, as a Software intern.

The first day, I was taking a look at the Eclipse and the J2EE plugins when they saw me that I’m using Linux and asked me to install one on their server which needed to be re-installed. Then I installed Fedora 9, but with a wrong preference: KDE4. It was a terrible experience. I could not do any kind of basic desktop operations. We could not install gnome on it either just because we didn’t know the package names required for it. Then I installed RHEL5 and installed/configured Oracle 10g Enterprise server, for a test purpose. After that, I installed and configured the VNC server. Both were to launch at startup. Then I wrote some documentation about it. You can reach them here: Oracle 10g on RHEL5 , VNC Server on RHEL5.

I worked on the pre and post configurations a lot. So I wanted to automatize this process. So I worked on a Python Script, pyorainstaller for two days. This script does all the pre-configruation like configuring kernel parameters, security levels, some prerequisite checking, etc. and post-configuration like hostname and launching at startup. You can download this program from its site.

I worked a lot on testing this site, as I did not have any testing machine at work so I had to test it on my desktop PC at home which meant I had to spent my nights with it. Then I was faced with JSF. They told me that I was going to develop two projects with JSF and gave me a book called Core JavaServer Faces 2nd edition. There were examples on glassfish but the examples did not work :) So they told me ’Nevermind, just use Tomcat.’ But there was nothing about Tomcat in the book. So I got crazy; because there was no short and smart tutorials for the first learners. Then I finished the day, looking over the web sites. Some collegues told some stuff about the JSF architecture but there were too many things to keep up in mind. I cought the general idea up.

Then at the weekend, I upgraded to Pardus 2008 on a clean system and on Tuesday, I worked on Tomcat+JSF to build a login form. I wanted to get the session information and used the core jsf libraries but they conflicted with the Tomcat’s catalina. I just was going to fix that but they told me to move on appfuse. As I was told, I am going to develop an HR system for the employment, managing the reviews about recent employee candidates.

Appfuse is an project-automator which gathers the tools required for you depending on your project-type. I now just created a new JSF Modular project and run the mvn command but it gave a strange error:

Embedded error: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/home/emre/dev/hr/web/src/test/resources/web-tests.xml:52: Wrong document title found!. Expected value ".*Login.*" but got "Error - Error calling action method of component with id passwordForm:execute | AppFuse"

I’m now trying to figure out what it is. I can’t do anything just because of these silly errors.

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Ahmet Emre Aladağ said...

We found out that it was related to the directory that you give the mvn command in. Try various directories, like web or the root of your project. Maybe it works...