Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Designing Django, PHP and HTML Compatible

You may want to design a web site and sell or distribute it. Headers, navigation bars and footers of the pages will be the same for most of the pages. So you may want to re-use these fragments in each page so that when you make a change in the design, it's reflected in all of those pages. Template engines come in handy in these cases. I've been using Django for my projects. Django uses template engine similar to jinja2.

But when I wanted to create a static site, I used Hyde to compile the fragments into complete html files. But this required re-compilation of all the project whenever you make a change in one single file. Perhaps compiling only the changed is possible with some kind of console arguments. Then I thought that'd be nice if there were a hyde server like django development server which recognizes which file has changed and only compiles it and serves it on HTTP. Then I found Hyde web server. I was really excited. Then I thought if I wanted to use this design on a PHP-supporting server, what would I do? I found Twig for this purpose. Wonderful! These are excellent resources for a web designer.

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