Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inmotion Hosting is excellent

I have been using Inmotion hosting for one year and have been very satisfied with their high quality service (speed, robustness, features, unlimited space) and fast, friendly and polite support staff. Their network access is very fast and I haven't noticed any downtime. I'd recommend inmotion for whoever wants a robust and fast hosting for PHP. Yes, it's a bit expensive for a simple web site but for high-performance sites, it's a good candidate. Another drawback is that they didn't notice that my hosting is about to expire and renewed my hosting automatically. I wish I had been noticed that. Since my site hosted there was a simple static site, I was going to move it to another cheaper solution. When I applied for cancellation they were really polite and helpful. They canceled my account with no problems and gave a refund. After the cancellation form sent, they showed me a list of alternative hosting providers. I admired that!. So I wanted to write this blog entry to show my satisfaction.

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